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Jan 13 2021
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Oct 31 2020
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Oct 13 2020
New show info has been added to the event list.

Sun, Feb 14 2021

Live Stream on YouTube vol.13


We will be the "accent"
in the future music scene

Accént is a all-girl band based in Tokyo and Saitama.
Our dream is to tour the world! We'll keep entertaining those who support us:)

  • Kanon


    Kanon was born in 2006. She has sung and played the piano her whole life, and started to learn guitar under her father at the age of 6. She also learns singing under Kouichirou Hirano. She loves all-girl bands and she is aspiring to get her band Accént signed to a major record label as an all-girl band. She uses PRS Cutom24 given by her father.

  • Haru


    Haru was born in 2006. She started to play the guitar at the age of 8 inspired by her old friend Kanon. To form a band, she took up the bass at the age of 9 and started to learn it under Kousuke. She has grown to like the bass so much that she is aspiring to be a professional bassist. She uses MUSICMAN StingRay given by Kousuke.

  • Fumi


    Fumi was born in 2007. She took up the drums at the age of 6 inspired by her brother Ui, who is also a drummer, and started to learn under Masayuki Mitsuya from the basics. Kanon and Haru watched her performances on YouTube, and recruited her to join their band. After Fumi joined, Accént has started to actively perform online and offline.

Second single Sensenfukoku / CUBE

2nd Single

Sensenfukoku / CUBE


  1. Sensenfukoku (Lyrics by Haru / Music by Kanon)
  2. CUBE (Lyrics by Haru / Music by Kanon)
First single Ameagari / Future

1st Single

Ameagari / Future


  1. Ameagari (Lyrics by Haru / Music by Kanon)
  2. Future (Lyrics by Haru / Music by Kanon)

Jan 2020

First Place at JYOJI-ROCK U-15 New Year Competition

Kanon won the first place with her solo performance. FR (the duo of Haru & Fumi) also won the second place.

Oct 2019

Grand prize at Bring the Beat 2019 junior session

Fumi won the grand prize at Bring the Beat 2019 junior session. For more details, check Rhythm & Drums Magazine December 2019 issue.

May 2019

Our YouTube channel hit 10,000 Subscribers

Our YouTube channel reached Bronze level in 2 years. We upload mainly recordings of our performances and occasionally livestream on our channel.

Apr 2019

Second Place at Teenage Saitama 2019

Accént got second place at Teenage Saitama 2019. As a reward for it, we got to perform at the Garden Stage in VIVA LA ROCK 2019.

Jan 2019

First Place at JYOJI-ROCK U-16 New Year Competition

We got first place among many high schoolers. Accént became the first elementary schoolers' band to get first place in JYOJI-ROCK U-16.